Who we are

After launching in 2005, Reipower started by mainly providing energy audit services to commercial buildings, large shopping malls, entertainment facilities, municipalities and industrial customers. Through running energy audits with our customers we realized that there were several barriers to businesses adopting energy management practices. These being the time and resources to implement change and the cost associated with changing the way energy is managed. This is why we expanded to provide services that support our customers to overcome all of these barriers and at the same time help them to save costs on the bottom line. 


Kaushik Bhattacharjee

Founder of Reipower

MS Energy Management, CEM, BEP, CEA, CMVP

Kaushik, president of Reipower has over 15 years of International experience in Energy Management. He has carried out Energy audits, guided implementation including M&V for several types of projects in data centres and commercial buildings. He has also worked with large Canadian Utilities such as Toronto Hydro and Enersource  Corporation in conservation and demand side management programs. He was named the “Energy Engineer of the Year” for Canada (2015) by Association of Energy Engineers Georgia, Atlanta USA and has also published a book on Industrial Energy Management Strategies. He also received honourable mention as the “Most In-Service Savings, by a Roving Energy Manager” at the Energy Managers of Ontario Excellence Awards in 2015. 

Kaushik's publication provides a detailed and knowledgeable reference for those engaged in the energy management field or those just starting out by illustrating a practical approach to implementing energy management programs using case studies and real-world experience.