Innovating the Way we manage energy

About Us

We are an energy management services company, based in Canada, that offer affordable, objective, innovative and comprehensive energy management services to industrial, commercial and institutional energy consumers.

Here at Reipower, we support and enable businesses to adopt energy management best practices to reduce their energy cost and also lower their carbon foot print. Through using both our experience in the energy industry and technology we have created innovative solutions and services. 

Our Services

What We Do


Energy Audit

When conducting an energy audit, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of the energy usage of your facility and determine opportunities for you to save energy and related utility costs. 


Measurement & Verification

Using the international performance measurement and verification protocol we can help you verify cost savings on energy efficiency projects. 


Shared Energy Manager Program

This program offers small and midsized industries / commercial buildings the opportunity to hire one of our qualified and experienced energy managers on an ongoing part-time basis.


Metering & Monitoring Platforms

Our state of the art metering and monitoring platforms will enable your business to effectively manage and monitor your power and energy consumption

Our Clients