What we do

We offer a range of services that are designed to help businesses find ways to use energy more efficiently and cut costs. 

Energy Audit

When conducting an energy audit, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the energy usage of your facility and determine opportunities for you to save energy and related utility costs. Our analysis would examine typically 36 months of electricity, natural gas and water usage, the consumption density per square foot of your building and weather sensitivity and non-weather related usage.

After completing this analysis we will then provide you with the most cost-efficient options to reduce your usage. We also benchmark your building with industry best practices. A detailed walk through of your facility, supported with measurement and operator interview would help identify both capital and operational measures to reduce energy cost.

Measurement & Verification

Here at Reipower we work with businesses who are running energy efficiency projects to help them verify energy savings. To do this we use the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol method. Our team have experience in verifying energy savings for various types of energy management projects and we have helped multiple businesses to save money through Ontario’s Save On Energy Program

Shared Energy Manager Program

Our qualified and experienced energy managers can offer energy management services to small and midsized industries / commercial buildings on an ongoing part-time basis. These services include:

  • Energy Management Assessment
  • Identification of both capital and operational saving opportunities
  • Preparing business cases for internal approval
  • Developing a thorough energy plan
  • Regular monitoring and tracking

Metering & Monitoring Platforms

Our state of the art metering and monitoring platforms enable your business to effectively manage and monitor your power and energy consumption. Our platforms help to track energy consumption and detect operation abnormalities. We have also developed an energy performance model to track energy consumption for major systems such as compressed air or chilled water plants.